Global Earth Day Film Festival

Frostburg State to Host Local Screening of the Global Earth Day Film Festival

On Earth Day, Sunday, April 22, Frostburg State University will serve as an official host of the international Earth Day Film Festival. Film screenings begin at 3 p.m. in room 397 of the Gira Center. The event is free and open to the public, and light refreshments will be provided.

The festival features a curated selection of Earth-minded American and international short films on the environment, humanity, world change and peace. These selected films are being shown in countries around the world as part of the Global Screening Event.

One of the global film selections documents the incredible journey of four FSU students. “A Simpler Way,” a 26-minute documentary by Michael O. Snyder, follows Frostburg students on a voyage to Uganda to help villagers sustainably overcome a life-threatening shortage of clean drinking water using the cheapest and most abundant resource on the planet: sunlight.

Other Global Screening Event selections hail from countries around the world, covering a variety of environmental topics. Altogether, the global selection films run for 93 minutes.

“Adaptation Bangladesh,” a 12-minute documentary from America by Justin DeShields, details the human resilience, flexibility and innovation necessary to ensure the survival of humanity as a species through the shifting environmental norms of a changing global climate.

“ALMA – Art, Legacy and the Environment,” a 14-minute documentary from Spain by Victor Hugo Espejo, tracks a group of sensitive musicians for whom nature serves as muse and instrument.

“Au Revoir Balthazar,” a 10-minute animated short from Switzerland by Rafael Sommerhalder, expresses love for the natural world and for the gift of human senses that enable people to experience its wide-ranging glories.

“Timbo," a 9-minute documentary from the United Kingdom by Peiman Zekavat, highlights a threat to the Amazon River posed by energy companies eager to dam it, which threaten human and animal inhabitants of the most biologically diverse location in the world.

“Water Warriors,” a 22-minute documentary from Canada by Michael Premo, details indigenous peoples from New Brunswick as they seek to repel corporate attempts to frack their territory, which would threaten their precious source of fresh water.

After the Global Screening Event selections, following a brief intermission, Frostburg’s Earth Day Film Festival will feature a second film by Snyder. “The Vision Within,” a 36-minute documentary, tells the story of a group of FSU students who travel into the heart of the Amazon rainforest. There, the students meet members of an ancient “dream culture” who live much as their ancestors did thousands of years ago and explore the meaningful role that inner visions can play in lives, in education and in awakening people to an environmentally sustainable future. Snyder will be present to answer questions.

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