Frostburg’s Sustaining Campus and Community Dialogue Series:“Living With Each Other: A Discussion of Off-Campus Housing Solutions”

“Living With Each Other: A Discussion of Off-Campus Housing Solutions” is the planned topic for the next in the ongoing Frostburg Sustaining Campus and Community Dialogue Series, scheduled for Monday, Feb. 24, from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. in the Lyric Theatre at 20 E. Main St. in Frostburg.

This is a continuation of the series that aims to strengthen community relationships and foster civility and collaborative problem-solving in Frostburg. All sessions are open to anyone in the Frostburg community interested in discussing the topics.

Supported by Frostburg State University, the Maryland Judiciary’s Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office and Mountainside Community Mediation Center since spring 2012, the dialogue sessions convene students, year-round residents, local officials and University leaders to discuss issues and create new opportunities for collaborative problem-solving and coalition-building in Frostburg. In this second year of the series, community members are working toward tangible solutions for deeper level, sensitive and structurally challenging town-and-gown tensions that bring about safe, secure living conditions and civil relationships between long- and short-term residents in the college town.

Nationally recognized conflict resolution scholar-practitioners Dr. Frank Dukes, lecturer and director of the Institute for Environmental Negotiation at the University of Virginia, and Dr. Marvin Johnson, founder and executive director of the Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution, will continue to help facilitate the sessions, along with project manager Dr. Elesha L. Ruminski, chair of FSU’s Department of Communication Studies.

Details and documentary segments about the project are available at Those interested in being part of this community-building effort should contact Dr. Elesha L. Ruminski at or 301-687-4480.

Monday, February 24, 2014 at 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Lyric Theatre
20 East Main Street, Frostburg, MD, Frostburg

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Dr. Elesha L. Ruminski

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