Wednesday, August 28

Drop/ Add Period and Late Registration

Late registration fee assessed (PAWS and Academic Departments)

Drop/Add Period and Late Registration. Late Registration fee assessed. (PAWS and Academic Departments)

Graduate/Doctoral Fall 2019 Reg Semester August 26 - December 17

Drop/Add Period and Late Registration. Late registration fee assessed.(PAWS and Academic Departments)

Undergraduate Fall 2019 August 26 - December 17

Drop/Add Period.  Late Registration fee assessed.(PAWS and Academic Department)

Graduate/Doctoral Fall 2019 7-Week Session 1 August 26 - October 11

Student Involvement Fair

Find your home with one of FSU's student organizations. Meet and greet organization members at the Student Involvement Fair on Wednesday, August 28 from 10...


Join FSU's Wildlife Society for free pizza and soda on Wednesday, August 28th at 6 pm in Compton Room 327 to learn more about our organization!

Wednesday, August 28